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Upcoming events and happenings

COVID-19 UPDATES: All events will run in line with government guidelines.
Please get in touch if you have any queries around upcoming events.

We are busy working on pest and weed control, bird protection (grey faced petrel), kauri dieback prevention, stream care and water quality, planting and weeding bees, wasp and ant control, community safety, social events, and educational workshops. We have regular events that you can connect with the volunteer team. We also have other events throughout the year.


Below are the latest events, make sure you receive our newsletter to get reminders and more info! 

Our Regular Events


The Predator Pulse

Upcoming Predator Pulse Dates:

October 2022

Co-ordinated blitzes together on possums and rats. Each Predator Pulse lasts for 10-14 days and takes place 3-4 times a year. 

To join in, contact your Neighbourhood Co-ordinator who can provide advice and access to reasonably priced bait and traps.


Kick Start Weeding Bees

Upcoming Weeding Bees

Kick Start Weeding Bees are all about neighbours helping neighbours. They are fun, social, and a great challenge. 

Get in touch and let us know your interest by completing the form and sign on to our contact list. Most working bees are held last Sunday of the month between 2 - 4pm (just after the Titirangi Market).


Titirangi Market

Come and see us at our stand at the Titirangi Market Days

Want to find out more about STNN, and what you can do in your area?

We have a stand at the Titirangi Market with our co ordinators and volunteers on hand to answer your questions.

If you can't wait 'till then, find your local co ordinator and they can help you out.

Upcoming Events

Keep an eye out on Facebook for upcoming events

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