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Sandra's Lockdown Achievements

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Sandra Gorter writes:

Many people took Lockdown as an opportunity to deal with weeds. My lockdown project was weeding at 624/630 which you may have seen on your walks along South Titirangi Road. It was done in an hour a day with help from Jenny and family at 630.

Initially the site was covered in smothering vine weeds and loads of rubbish. The first thing was to put up a sign letting people know about STNN and our Kick Start programme. A lot of the ‘one hour a day’ time advertised on the sign was spent talking to people, so the electricity box became a notice board with advice on how to deal with each of the weeds and a humourous but polite request, that people not throw their bagged dog poo into the bush*..!

Four (Auckland Council supplied) black composting weed bags were filled and it took a concerted effort by neighbours Caroline at 615, Jenny at 630, and myself to gradually dispose of the rubbish and tubers in our landfill rubbish each week. Ongoing maintenance is always necessary but a good start has been made and 624 has earned a letter box sticker.

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