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Why we love being part of STNN - A kid's perspective

Why we love living in Titirangi and being part of STNN – a kids' perspective.

By Adie Fortune - STNN Facilitator

Our three children (aged 6, 9, 13) love being involved with checking the trap line on the zig-zag track and eagerly await our rostered weekend to do so. They know where to find all fourteen trap stations and have learnt how to check them (with supervision). We have asked them to share their thoughts on this and other STNN activities.

Why do you like being involved with checking/clearing the pest traps?

We love to get into the bush, which we get to do quite often. There is more than just one job at each trap location so we can work as a team checking possum baits and the DOC 200 traps. It is kind of exciting when you catch something, such as if you have killed a rat because otherwise it could have killed other stuff. You have saved a lot of native trees and animals.

Why is it important to control pests?

When you go into the bush there is lots of stuff you can eat. By reducing the numbers of rats and possums there will be more native foods for us to learn about and eat. Possums eat quite a few berries which Kereru and Tui like to eat such as Kohekohe and Puriri.

What do you like about taking part in the planting bee?

You know you are making a difference. Satisfying. In five years time you will see some of the trees you have planted growing into bigger trees.

What about weeding?

Removing weeds is similar to catching something in a trap, as weeds could have strangled another plant. Especially the little plants which are easier for the weeds to strangle. If the big trees happen to eventually die; if the weeds have strangled all the little plants there won’t be any plants left. Also, if you take the weeds out it looks better as you see the new growth coming up.

Anything else?

Other kids should get involved because it is fun. You are doing something to help your community.

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