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Working together for a weed and pest free South Titirangi Peninsula

Make your

backyard count


Record Bait Station

Do you manage bait stations?
Let STNN know what bait you have laid and when. Every report helps to track the bait stations that are in our neighbourhood.

Report a Catch

Do you have a trap?
Let STNN know what you have caught (or not). Every report helps to build a picture of what pests are in our neighbourhood.


What started in 2016 with a group of just four neighbours teaming up to weed and replant local areas is now a growing network of more than 450 households working towards restoring biodiversity in beautiful South Titirangi. Any neighbour supporting STNN's goals is very welcome to join in. 

As a local, you have an opportunity to create or contribute to projects in your own backyard

 It’s not about a membership, joining a club, or paying fees. It’s simply about a mind set and opting in to help make the South Titirangi peninsula pest and predator free at any level you choose, big or small.




Weed Control and Planting

The first step in restoring native habitats is removing invasive weeds that stop our bush regenerating. The natural seed bank in the soil will then grow and continue its natural cycle. Replanting the area with natives that thrive in the local environment also helps restoration.

South Titirangi Neighbourhood Network now focuses on providing “kick start” help to restore native bush on private land, with the ultimate goal of creating a weed and animal pest free halo of properties around Atkinson Park and the Zig Zag track.

Predator Pulses

Complimentary to weed control is Animal Pest Control – managing the populations of possums, rats and even stoats, which prey on native bird populations. 


Since 2016  neighbours networking as backyard trappers have run quarterly “pulses “ and removed over 7,000 predators from the peninsula. 

Environmental outcomes happen when neighbours network

Connecting with other like-minded local people is one great bonus of networking with your neighbours across South Titirangi. Working outside in nature is great for your mind and body, and it can be a fun way to make a difference in your local area.  


With immense gratitude to our key supporters:

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