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South Titirangi Predator Plan
Pilot Trial

STNN are managing a pilot predator suppression trial with a planned network of rat traps focusing on the southern Titirangi peninsula. Primarily a rat, mouse and possum control plan that aims to suppress pest numbers to allow biodiversity to flourish. This year long trial will test the Predator Plan before roll out across the wider South Titirangi area.

Te Kawerau ā Maki

We want to acknowledge Te Kawerau ā Maki as the manawhenua and kaitiaki of South Titirangi and the Waitākere ranges. We are pleased that this trial is a step towards their vision of a pest-free Waitākere and hope there is an opportunity to collaborate together in the future.

Why a South Titirangi Trial?

Before implementing the Predator Control Plan across the entire South Titirangi area we identified a test zone at the southern end of the peninsula.


With reserves, public bush walks, homes, and petrel-nesting cliff sites, the trial zone provides a relatively contained space for testing. The roads included in the trial are Arapito Road, Arama Avenue, and South Titirangi Road below number 757 to Jenkins Bay (see Map).

STNN neighbourhood map.png

Image shows the key area for the Predator Plan trial with a buffer zone to help reduce rats entering the area.

Facts and Figures

The trial area covers approximately 88 properties, and bait stations are strategically deployed with a spacing of 100m x 100m. Rat traps and possum traps will also be placed in appropriate areas.


Contractors will manage the bait stations, operating on a pulse system where each station is visited five times per month for four months of the year: October, January, April and August.


Keen residents will be responsible for checking rat traps and possum traps regularly. To monitor pest animal numbers, wax blocks, trail cameras, and tracking tunnels will be in place. The information from these stations guides the predator control routine and helps us prepare for the rollout of predator suppression in South Titirangi.

It takes a village!

Community support is crucial. We appreciate the support we have received so far from households and the incredible efforts of our volunteers in keeping predator numbers down. As part of this project, we encourage everyone to report their trap catches on TRAPNZ, as this data is essential for monitoring our progress. It also contributes to a nation-wide record of pest suppression efforts.

Please Donate

To make this trial a success, we kindly ask for your support. Your generous donations will help us cover costs associated with managing the bait stations, monitoring tools, and community engagement initiatives. Every contribution, big or small, makes a significant impact on our mission to create a thriving sanctuary in South Titirangi.


STNN bank account: 38-9018-0076960-00


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We know you'll have questions about the trial. Please take a look at the FAQs or send STNN an email.

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