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The Predator Pulse: our best weapon

against animal pests

If you’ve noticed an increase in the native bird population lately, it could be due to our efforts.  It feels like STNN’s ongoing animal pest control really has played a part in helping birdlife to flourish.

What is a Predator Pulse?  

‘Pulsing’ is us as neighbours doing co-ordinated blitzes together, at the same time, on possums and rats. 


Pulsing is well known best practice, increasing the catch, and preventing bait and trap shyness, reducing wastage and the amount of toxin used. 


Pulsing lasts for 10-14 days and happens 3-4 times a year.  Your STNN Neighbourhood Co-ordinator can provide you with details and advice.

Rats, mustelids and possums have devastated the bird life of the Waitakere Ranges, killing many thousands of native birds every year and preying on other native species such as lizards. 

Want to take part?

We are a growing body of neighbours taking action to protect our native bush and birds. 

First, if you are in an area with an existing neighbourhood co-ordinator - which you can find on our Connect page. We’ll be in touch when a Pulse is approaching, and we are here to provide you with advice and help if needed. 


If you’d like to take action to improve the wellbeing of people and nature in our neighbourhoods we’d love to hear from you.

Get involved in protecting your property
Want to know when our next Predator Pulse is?  

Check out the Events page for the latest dates. Or sign up to the newsletter and keep in the loop when the next Predator Pulse is.

These pages were created with support of the Waitākere Ranges Local Board

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