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Using the App

There is a lot of great pest-free work going on in South Titirangi and other Auckland communities. To make this more effective, more efficient, and to bring all your pest animal and plant data together, we use - a mobile app and online system for managing conservation and restoration activities.

Pest animal management allows us to coordinate the eradication of pests such as rats, possums and stoats from the South Titirangi area.  

Each member of the group can register their traps and bait stations on the app.  They can then upload data each time they check one of these devices. And they can see the pest control tallies for the whole group.

And many reports can be produced from a browser.



Download the mobile app today (for Android or Apple iOS), join the South Titirangi Neighbourhood Network project and start working with others to report and tackle pest animal catches and/or bait uptake in your area.  To learn more, and to get started, visit is managed by a full time group of developers and support people.  They have a forum website here where you can search for answers and ask for help.

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