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Story of Kick Start visit

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

We were out of Lockdown on 26th July so the Kick Start team swung into action at a property on South Titirangi Road.

This property is a standard half acre on the northern side of the road, all very steep where ginger and woolly nightshade are the worst offenders, climbing up from further down the valley. Richard and Rhys from further down the road were a powerhouse in the ginger, with Rhys earning community service credit for school. Kasim from our earlier weeding bee in May is a newbie to clambering steep slippery slopes and he valiantly descended on a rope to join Richard and Rhys and our ginger team leader Anja who described the scene as a ‘sea of ginger.’

Clair attacked some spreading bamboo – a real trouble-maker in this part of the road, Rhyll found a veritable grove of woolly nightshade and Kate cleared a good ten square metres of lady of the night. We formed a human train to load Kate’s work into weed composting bags virtually having to drag her away to join us all over a cup of tea with Di and Max.

Having shown Di the main trouble-makers on her property and how to deal with them, she has now brought in professional contractors who are taking the weeding efforts down the hill to the neighbouring property.

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