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Banded Rail at Little Muddy Creek

A request from Little Muddy Creek - Banded Rail sightings wanted:

Are you a kayakers or paddleboarders around the Little Muddy Creek inlet (specifically south of the Landing Road bridge)? Have you seen Banded Rail in the past 4 months?

Early last year we had two chicks in the vicinity but we have no sightings so far this season. Banded Rail are elusive birds and easiest to spot at high tide when they go to the fringe of the mangroves, most feeding is in the morning and evening, and along the water's edge as the tide recedes. If you see any, please email the time and date to - pictures would be the icing on the cake. Thanks!

Click the link to hear their call: Banded Rail call

Photo Credits: Miranda, Feb 2016. Image © Bartek Wypych

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