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Curious Tamariki and STNN

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Curious Tamariki (run by Ella Rose Shnapp and an amazing crew) is a creative exploration of nature, science and filmmaking for young people. The first week of the October school holidays saw 14 children aged 12-18 years old spend three days in this programme. They had two days based at Te Uru and one day at Karamatura farm, Huia.

STNN presented at the workshop covering what STNN is and where STNN is working. This included a discussion about the grey faced petrels, why they are special and why it is so important for us to protect them. The tamariki enjoyed seeing the outline of the STNN area relative to where they all lived and how they fitted in the STNN landscape. There was also a lot of interest in the videos we showed of various pests around the grey faced petrel’s burrows and getting to see all the different traps used was a great way to end the STNN session. One of the groups of tamariki have chosen to use STNN as the basis of their film and we look forward to seeing the outcome. Great to see the youth in Titirangi so engaged and passionate about what is happening in their community.

The films will be screened at The Flicks Theatre in Lopdell House at 6:30pm on Wednesday 21st October.

See their website for more information:

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