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Jess joins the communications team

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Hi, I’m Jess Jenkins, and have recently joined the passionate and diverse STNN group. I have come on board as part of the communications team. I come from a background in advertising and marketing and have recently launched my own business (Rhubarb & Co.) focussed on working with small businesses, their ‘brand story’ and how to communicate effectively to their audience in their voice and connect in their unique way.

I grew up in Wood Bay and spent much of my childhood in the bush or on the beaches of South Titirangi. My husband and I bought our own place on South Titirangi Road 14 years ago and have quietly been removing the ginger, and weeds as we go, including a massive macrocarpa to make space for our punga grove and protect our beautiful kauri. We have loved the opportunity this year to spend lots of time exploring our corner of Titirangi, walking the bays and tracks (that are open) with our children.

I look forward to working with STNN and working at growing the group and engagement through the community.

My contact details are: Ph: 02102256373

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