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Meet Adie, our new facilitator

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

My name is Adrienne (Adie) Fortune and I would like to share a bit of background about me as I take up the role of STNN facilitator.

I have a diverse career as a Consultant in forestry and product development in New Zealand and internationally. This has introduced me to different ecosystems and environments as well as varied cultural approaches. My years of study include a Bachelors of Forestry Science, Bachelors of Science (majoring in biological sciences) and a Masters in Forestry Science (biosecurity) and Masters in Engineering. 

South Titirangi has been home whilst growing up and now I live with my family on the Pennisula. When we bought our home it was choked by bamboo, agapanthus and morning glory when we moved in we have managed to rid it of most of the bamboo and agapanthus but are still battling morning glory. Gecko Trust supported us with native seedlings that we planted on one of our road frontages. These are established and doing well and keeping weeds at bay. We are regulars in the pest pulses and keen supporters of the objectives of STNN. I am delighted to have this active role in promoting native wildlife and regeneration of native plant species.

I am looking forward to working with STNN. As facilitator I am here to help with engagement of neighbours in the STNN area, organise events (weed ID, ZigZag night walks etc) and keep an overview of all STNN’s projects. If you would like to help with any projects or events please do contact me, any help would be greatly appreciated. I especially look forward to meeting the teams of volunteers and supporters in our beautiful area.

My contact details are (021)296-8097 or email

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