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Our Council heroes

STNN wouldn’t be able to do the work we do; supplying neighbours with weed bags, cut n paste, pest traps and bait, if it wasn’t for the support of Auckland Council and our local board.

Ruairi Flynn (pictured on the right with STNN's Kick Start Co-ordinator Sandra Gorter) is Auckland Council’s Biosecurity Conservation advisor. He is an on the ground hands-on person for South Titirangi neighbourhoods,  inspecting problem areas, giving Bio- Security advice at meetings and workshops, engaging contractors to do large scale work outside our scope, and delivering supplies requests. He is a great supporter of all weeding activity in the Waitakere Ranges and connects with over 70 groups with similar goals to STNN.

Heads up too, to local board member Greg Presland and the team at Auckland Council’s Waitakere Ranges Local Board who are long-time supporters of STNN’s pest control activities, and have been funding our supplies for many years now.

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