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Planting Day

Titirangi Beach - Sunday, 27 June

It was a rainy old Auckland morning on Sunday, 27 June. We didn’t let this hold up our Titirangi Beach planting day! With a healthy turn out of 30 able bodied diggers and planters (and some support crew) and the very helpful NZ Biosecurity Services to man the BBQ and help with set up.

We had 415 plants to be planted along the stream to the right of the parking / toilet area. This was further planting along the stream, as it has been cleared and planted over the past five years. This has helped to create a native planting, and support the cleaning up of the stream.

Planting was also done along the bank between the playground and Paturoa Road. A little slidey with the rain! But good humour and the promise of a sausage and sauce kept the troops going.

Choccy fish finished off the day, with plenty of discussion around trapping in the area, and what STNN do in the community.

A massive thank you to all those that came out and offered your help with this project, these are the days that bring communities together and make a positive change in our area.

Keep an eye out for the next one!

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