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Private Weeding Bees

Every month, some South Titirangi neighbours dedicated to saving our bush, put two hours aside to give a ‘kick start working bee’ held on local private properties.

We will work with you to provide weed ID and treatment, as well as a few hours weeding labour. Giving you and your property a ‘kick start’ what you need to make your backyard bush a haven for native bush and creatures. Get your neighbours involved! This makes the best use of everyone's efforts, weeds don’t care about property boundaries.

Our current focus is surrounding and protecting Atkinson Park (between South Titirangi Road and Titirangi Beach Road). If you live along this area please let us know if you or your neighbours want this “kick start” help.

We’d love to support those that can’t weed their own properties (due to health or age), and if you just can’t manage the weeding on your own (some of these are big properties), please let us know. When we can, we help with applications for contractor help through Auckland Council.

Of course, if you can help with a weeding bee but your property is not in this area, please let us know.

Extra help with these weeding bees is always welcome. A couple hours a month (usually on the last Sunday of the month) or whatever you can do will help tremendously. What’s in it for you? Good humour, great exercise, and knowing you have helped return your neighbourhood to what it really should be.

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