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Rat Hotel Building Day

Want to know what a Rat Hotel is?

Great question.

A 'rat hotel' is a term for a box trap that has 4 separate channels with traps at the end for rats (and there is a mouse sized hotel also). These mean that the traps can capture up to 4 rodent pests at a time. Meaning the impact in the bush can be far quicker, and more efficent.

Working to remove more of the rodent pests to allow more space for our native birds and creatures to thrive.

A fantastic community activity was held at Tony’s home. Building ‘Rat Hotels’ for maximising our rat and mouse trapping ability.

Armed with drills, screws, hammers and nails we had a group of young people to put together around 30 rat/mouse hotels. The team were very enthusiastic and quick with their work. Quickly piling up the hotels ready to be stenciled, loaded and taken into the bush to combat the rat and mouse predator issue.

Not only did we have a fantastic goal, on the day there were many opportunities to pass on wood working skills to the youngsters. They all embraced the opportunity to be in charge of the drills and work together to create something that was of community use.

And what is a good community event, without the support crew. Tea, coffee, cookies and mandarins were a great option for a snack and Clair arrived with a home cooked lunch!

Great work everyone!

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