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Tracking with

The STNN started a trial of using to track pests that had been trapped in the area in September 2020. The trial was quite successful and we have decided to go ahead and use it as our pest control software for STNN.

The consists of two parts, a browser based program (for laptop and desktop) and a downloaded app. The app can be downloaded from the Apple app store: on Apple App Store or from Google play: on Google Play. is a tremendous resource that allows the community to record and track traps success, allowing us to understand which traps are in the area and the bait uptake. By tracking these elements of trapping we can understand which traps are most successful in our neighbourhood. And which pests we have, and how best to trap.

For those wishing to take part in pest control in the South Titirangi area please take a look at the website, download the app to your device or phone, register and join our project, called: South Titirangi Neighbourhood Network. Your traps and bait stations can be added to the app and enter catch data and bait uptake into the app.

The more people we have to enter their details the more data we can collect and get a clearer understanding of what is happening in our South Titirangi area. The data can then be used to back up funding applications for future projects in our neighbourhood.

If you’d like some more information on trapping and baiting, take a look at our page on our website. Or get in touch.

This is what the whole project area looks like now:

The entered data gets collated and then we can produce graphs and maps like this, showing where taps are located and a 'heat map' showing the frequency of catches:

You can see we have 58 traps and 113 bait stations registered in so far. And the number of catches is shown:

This chart shows what we have caught in traps so far:

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