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Weeds and pests bring neighbours together in Grendon Road

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Gabrielle Fortune writes: We brought the Grendon Road and Warwick Ave community together with a morning tea to talk about Predator and Weed Eradication in the area. And it was great to have a couple of families new to the area join us. About 20 people including the ‘experienced hands’ were there to explain the project, answer questions and demonstrate safe ways of trapping. Eight households on the two streets have been putting down rat bait and/or traps over the recent Pulses, with some success, in July between two properties on Grendon Road six possums were trapped! 

The gathering focused on what households can do to help eradicate South Titirangi of weeds and pests. Emphasising that each household’s effort (whatever they can) is needed and is valuable. Time was spent outlining the damage that predators have on the ecology and the impact we can have with these programs. Also outlined, with a map, was the structure of the teams spread out over the South Titirangi neighbourhoods.  We had short five-minute talks on possum trapping, rat baiting/trapping and weed-bee initiatives. And of course lots of coffee and cake!

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