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Climbers & Vines...

Jasmine, climbing asparagus, convolvulus, morning glory and, in this case, ivy kill our native trees that they engulf. Check out this Kanuka alongside Paturoa Road at Titirangi Beach that had almost been overcome before some lovely recently 'uncovered' local cut away the ivy, allowing the tree to 'breath' again.

The identity of the 'unknown' local who saved this tree was recently uncovered - it was Ruairi Flynn from Auckland Council who asked his contractors to save this tree from the strangling ivy. Gold star, thanks Ruairi, another Titirangi tree saved! If you have a tree in a similar state, the Weedbusters team have the best information on how to deal with the different types of weeds and how to tackle them before they get as bad as they did on this poor tree.

Take a look at their website if you want some more info on how to battle climbers and vines. Get out there and be a tree hero!

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